We bring together distinguished personalities of the highest stature to promote new standards of excellence.

Our committees are actively involved in defining the Galien Foundation agenda, of iterating the issues brought forth for debate, and of shedding light on the tremendous achievements man has made to improve the human condition.

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  • Yves AGID, 2022 Member and Emeritus Professor, Neurology; Member, Academy of Sciences and CHU Piti Salptrire (Pierre et Marie Curie University); National Consultative Ethics Committee
  • Florence AMBROSINO, 2022 President, SAS SODAPI Plus
  • Julien ARTU, 2022 President & Co-Founder, My Hospi Friends
  • Marie-Josee AUGE-CAUMON, 2022 President; Vice-President; Member, LA BOUTIK (CAARUD); Les Petits Bonheurs; MemberEconomic, Social and Environmental Council and Commission of Practices and Routes to the High Authority of Health
  • Carole AVRIL, 2022 Director-General, French Federation of Diabetics
  • Richard AXEL, 2022 Nobel Laureate, Co-Director, Kavli Institute for Brain Science, Columbia University Medical Center
  • Étienne-Émile BAULIEU, 2022 Former President, French Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Sciences, USA
  • Dominique BAYLE, 2022 CEO & CO-Founder, Petits Prince Association
  • Claire BEYLOT, 2022 Professor Emeritus; Former Head of Dermatology, University of Bordeaux; Bordeaux University Hospital
  • Nadine BINART, 2022 President; Research Director, French Society of Endocrinology; INSERM, Kremlin-Bicêtre
  • Corrado Blandizzi, 2022 Professor of Pharmacology & Director, Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, University of Pisa
  • Gilles BOUVENOT, 2022 Emeritus Professor and Member, Marseille Faculty of Medicine and National Academy of Medicine
  • Annelien BREDENOORD, 2022 Professor of Ethics, Biomedical Innovation Julius Center & Department of Medical Humanities, University Medical Center Utrecht
  • Franois BRICAIRE, 2022 President, International Operations; Professor, French Red Cross; University of Paris-VI
  • Mireille BROCHIER, 2022 Professor Emeritus, Cardiology, University of Tours
  • Michael BROWN, 2022 Nobel Laureate, Professor of Molecular Genetics and Internal Medicine, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
  • Eric BRUCKERT, 2022 Head, Metabolisme Endocrinology Department and Chairman, Metabolic Unit of Exploration for the Prevention of Cardiovascular disease, Groupe Hospitalier Pitie-Salpetriere
  • Anne BUISSON, 2022 Deputy Director , Afa Crohn-RCH France
  • J. BURGGRAAF, 2022 Research Director, Centre for Human Drug Research (CHDR) & Professor of Translational Drug Research, Division of Pharmacology, Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research (LACDR), University of Leiden
  • Jean CALOP, 2022 Former Head, Pharmacy division and Emeritus Professor, Clinical Pharmacy Faculty of Pharmacy, University Hospital of Grenoble
  • Luigi CANONICO, 2022 Professor of Pharmacology, Università del Piemonte, Orientale Amedeo Avogadro
  • Victorine CARRE, 2022 Pharmacist-consultant, Economic and regulatory business consulting
  • Charles CAULIN, 2022 Honorary Head of Department, Internal Medicine, Lariboisire Hospital
  • Pierre CHAMBON, 2022 Founder, Institute for Genetics and Cellular and Molecular Biology (IGNMC)
  • Jean-Pierre CHANGEUX, 2022 Member and Emeritus Professor, Institut de France (Academy of Sciences) and Collge de France and at Institut Pasteur.
  • Pascal CHARBONNEL, 2022 Vice President, College of General Medicine, Ulis 91
  • Piotr L. Chłosta, 2022 Chairman, Department of Urology, University in Krakow
  • J.C. CLEVERS, 2022 Group Leader, Hubrecht Institute for Developmental Biology and Stem Cell Research Professor of Molecular Genetics & Research Director, Princess Maxima Center for Pediatric Oncology, University Medical Center Utrecht
  • Yves COHEN, 2022 Honorary Faculty, Pharmacy, University Paris-Sud
  • Alberto Corsini, 2022 Professor of Pharmacology, University of Milan