Saluting the innovators in academia and the public sector

The Prix Galien committees have recognised leading academic researchers and institutions in the public sector. Their contribution has improved human health and the  quality of life of hundreds of millions of patients worldwide. It is for their ground breaking work for the improvement of the human condition that they have been awarded the supreme accolade for biomedical research
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2004 Pr Zanussi ALLERGOLOGY Allergy research work ITALY
1983 Dr Hollander ANESTHESIA-REANIMATION Works on anesthesia curarizers BELGIUM / LUXEMBURG
1990 Dr Guido. de Meyer BIOCHEMISTRY Study of vasoactive substances derived from endothelium University of Antwerp, European Vascular Biology Organization BELGIUM / LUXEMBURG
1995 Dr Schiller BIOCHEMISTRY Works on peptides CANADA
1995 Drs P.P. Lefebvre et B. Malgrange BIOCHEMISTRY Role of TGF-a in cell regeneration University of Liege BELGIUM / LUXEMBURG
1997 Dr. Florz BIOCHEMISTRY Opiates action mechanism SPAIN
1997 Dr Alexander Pfeifer BIOCHEMISTRY Physiological role of cGMP in kinase protein University of Bonn GERMANY
2001 Dr H.M. Werheul, BIOCHEMISTRY Simultaneous activation of angiogenesis and coagulation in oncology University Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS
2005 Pr Martinez Alonso BIOCHEMISTRY Works on the physiology of mother cells universit Complutense, Madrid SPAIN
2006 Valrie Wittamer BIOCHEMISTRY Characterization of new receptors coupled to G proteins universit libre de Bruxelles BELGIUM / LUXEMBURG
2007 Dr Mancuso BIOCHEMISTRY Works on biliverdine reductase in pathologies induced by free radicals ITALY
2009 Pr Marco de Vivo BIOCHEMISTRY Biochemistry works DE VIVO LAB ITALY
2011 Dr I.J. P. de Esch BIOCHEMISTRY Molecular Design and Chemical Synthesis university Amsterdam, Griffin Discoveries BV THE NETHERLANDS
2012 Pr Lazdunski BIOCHEMISTRY Works on ion channels FRANCE
2013 Pr Mastrobattista BIOCHEMISTRY Biomimetic support systems for biotherapeutics universite d’Ultrech THE NETHERLANDS
2016 Julien Hanson BIOCHEMISTRY Work on G-protein coupled receptors University of Liège BELGIUM / LUXEMBURG
2004 Prs Sertini et Gavinaghi BIOTECHNOLOGY Industrial and academic research ITALY
2005 Dr Lorne Babiuk BIOTECHNOLOGY Works in vaccinology and biotechnology Universit de Saskatchewan CANADA
1977 M.Majoie FOURNIER - CARDIOLOGY Works on fenofibrate Fournier-Majoie Foundation FRANCE
1986 Drs Fuchs - Kolling CARDIOLOGY Study of furosemide Fuchs & Hoffmann Kakaoprodukte GmbH GERMANY
1987 Pr Waelbroeck CARDIOLOGY Research on muscarinic receptors BELGIUM / LUXEMBURG
1989 Dr Mann CARDIOLOGY Study of angiotensin Lewin Distinguished Professor in Cardiovascular Diseases GERMANY
1992 Pr Weirich CARDIOLOGY New physiological approach to class F antiarrhythmics GERMANY
1994 Dr Schinkel CARDIOLOGY Role of glycoproteins on blood barrier THE NETHERLANDS
1994 Dr Masereel CARDIOLOGY Synthesis of Torasemide Derivatives BELGIUM / LUXEMBURG
1995 Pr Bousquet CARDIOLOGY Works on imidazoline receptors Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Montpellier FRANCE
1996 Dr. Balligand CARDIOLOGY Influence of NO-synthase on cardiac function Universite Catholique de Louvain BELGIUM / LUXEMBURG
1997 Dr. Tamargo CARDIOLOGY Antiarrhythmics action mechanism University Complutense, Madrid, Spain SPAIN
1997 Prs. Giotti et Soma CARDIOLOGY Cardiovascular Biotechnology ITALY
1999 Pr Garcia CARDIOLOGY Anti-ischemic activity SPAIN
1999 Pr Fruchart CARDIOLOGY Lipoproteins metabolism FRANCE
1999 Dr. Hirsh CARDIOLOGY Treatment of venous thromboembolism McMaster University, Hamilton CANADA
1999 Dr Communi CARDIOLOGY Characterization of new purinergic receptors BELGIUM / LUXEMBURG
2001 Dr Yusuf CARDIOLOGY Clinical trial methodologies McMaster University Medical School CANADA
2005 Dr Amstrong CARDIOLOGY Development of a model for the study of the of heart failure mechanism universite d’Alberta CANADA
2006 Dr van Eck CARDIOLOGY Role of cholesterol in the development of atherosclerosis universit de Leiden THE NETHERLANDS
2010 Dr Lorenz CARDIOLOGY New type of autophosphorylation ERK causing cardiac hypertrophy universit Wurzburg GERMANY
2012 Pr dr de Windt, MUNC CARDIOLOGY Regulation of genetic mechanisms in heart failure Maastricht University THE NETHERLANDS
2012 Pr de Meyer CARDIOLOGY Importance of von Willebrand Factor in the cerebrovascular accident KULeuven BELGIUM / LUXEMBURG
2014 Dr Catherine Llorens-Cortes CARDIOLOGY Identification of therapeutic targets and new compounds in hypertension and heart failure College de France FRANCE
2017 Faculty of Pharmacy of Angers CARDIOLOGY MY NOTEBOOK AVK FRANCE
2017 Dr. Ernesto Schiffrin CARDIOLOGY for elucidating the differential beneficial effects of ACE inhibitors, angiotension receptor antagonists, mineralocorticoid receptor blockers, and calcium channel antagonists in hypertension and diabetes McGill University CANADA
1989 Dr Dubertret INSERM - DERMATOLOGY Study of antipsoriatics action mechanism FRANCE
2003 Prs Boenecke et Schn DERMATOLOGY Effect of efomycin in psoriasis GERMANY
2015 DERMATOLOGY Works on Supporting Polymer Polymer and Carbon Materials Center-Polish Academy of Sciences-Pan POLAND
2016 Dr Jean-Michel Mazer DERMATOLOGY Traitement des radiodermites par laser à colorant pulse Centre Laser Internationale de la Peau (CLIPP) FRANCE
2017 Pr Thierry Passeron DERMATOLOGY Research on the role of cutaneous microvasculature in pigmentation University of Nice Sophia Antipolis FRANCE
2008 Dr Drucker ENDOCRINOLOGY Works on the biological actions of the GLP-1 hormone Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute CANADA
2016 Dr Hiddo ENDOCRINOLOGY Works on specialized medicine for patients with diabetes or kidney disease Lambers Heerspink (universit de Groningen) THE NETHERLANDS
2010 Dr. M. Carracedo lvarez FORENSIC GENETICS Forensic medicine, extended to clinical genetics and medical genomics SPAIN
1987 Drs Bechtold et Lhose HEMATOLOGY ONCOLOGY Works on ticlopidine BELGIUM / LUXEMBURG
1999 Hpital de la Charit Berlin HEMATOLOGY ONCOLOGY Pre-eclampsia molecular mechanism GERMANY
2009 Dr Campo, universit Barcelone HEMATOLOGY ONCOLOGY Works on cellular lymphomas universit Barcelone SPAIN
2015 Drs Kelton et Warkentin HEMATOLOGY ONCOLOGY Works on possible treatments for heparin-induced thrombocytopenia. (universit McMaster) CANADA
2017 Mathieu Vinken Vrije HEPATOLOGY, GASTRO-ENTEROLOGY research on new pharmacological targets for liver treatment Universiteit Brussel-Belgium BELGIUM / LUXEMBURG
1982 M.Bush RIOM-CERM- HEPATOLOGY, GASTRO-ENTEROLOGY Works on tiémonium and derivates Puy-de-Dôme department in Auvergne FRANCE
1986 Drs Engler & Postius HEPATOLOGY, GASTRO-ENTEROLOGY History of antacids GERMANY
1989 Dr R.Lefebvre HEPATOLOGY, GASTRO-ENTEROLOGY Pharmacology works on the gastric fundus innervation Professor & Chair Heymans Institute of Pharmacology Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences BELGIUM / LUXEMBURG
1992 Dr Boeckstaens HEPATOLOGY, GASTRO-ENTEROLOGY Role of nitrous oxide in the gastrointestinal tract Department of Gastroenterology & Hepatology at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. BELGIUM / LUXEMBURG
2001 Dr Eichelbaum HEPATOLOGY, GASTRO-ENTEROLOGY Action of glycoproteins on the small intestine GERMANY
2004 Pr Devuyst HEPATOLOGY, GASTRO-ENTEROLOGY Works on alteration of the peritoneal membrane BELGIUM / LUXEMBURG
2004 Pr Martinez Alonso IMMUNOLOGY Works in immunology universit Complutense, Madrid SPAIN
2016 Dr. Philip F Halloran IMMUNOLOGY Work on drastic reduction of transplantation failure rates University of Alberta CANADA
2017 Mario van der Stelt IMMUNOLOGY For research on the endocannabinoid system University of Leiden THE NETHERLANDS
2005 Drs Hauser et Grndemann INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH Works on protein carriers GERMANY
2008 Pr Desco INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH Animal models used in medical experimentation SPAIN
2008 Diana Bracco INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH Industrial Research ITALY
2012 Institut PAN INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH Computerized clinical studies of pulmonary and cardiological diseases Institut PAN POLAND
1985 Pr Montagnier PASTEUR- INFECTIOLOGY LAV Virus discovery Institut Pasteur FRANCE
1992 Pr Stemberger INFECTIOLOGY Collagen-Gentamycin combination GERMANY
2007 Pr Bouza INFECTIOLOGY Works on infectious diseases SPAIN
2009 Dr D.F. Weaver INFECTIOLOGY Work on Gram-negative infections Weaver Lab CANADA
2010 Dr J. Montaner INFECTIOLOGY Work on HIV British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, CANADA
2012 Pr Hacein-bey Abina INFECTIOLOGY Development of antiviral vectors French National Centre for Scientific Research FRANCE
2012 Dr Hankok INFECTIOLOGY Works on antibiotic resistance Centre for Microbial Diseases and Immunity Research (CMDR) CANADA
2013 Pr Baumert INFECTIOLOGY Modeling of antiviral hepatitis C therapy FRANCE
2014 Dr Finlay INFECTIOLOGY Work in microbiology, pharmacology, vaccine development UBC's Michael Smith Laboratories CANADA
2014 Dr Plummer INFECTIOLOGY Work on HIV University of Manitoba CANADA
2016 Valery Charushin INFECTIOLOGY Work on the development of a new generation of antivirals of the family of azoloazines Oleg Chupakhin and Vladimir Rusinov RUSSIA
2015 Pr Andrzej Czyzewski MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY CyberOko (universite de Gdańsk) POLAND
2019 Franciscus Gasthuis & Vlietland MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY EARLYSENSE Franciscus Gasthuis & Vlietland THE NETHERLANDS
2013 Pr Dr Gross NEPHROLOGY Works on the ACE therapeutic inhibitor on Alport syndrome University Medical Center Göttingen Goettingen, NI GERMANY
2014 Dr. Sker et Pr Zippel NEPHROLOGY Role of the immune system in kidney disease Universit Jena Leibniz-Institut GERMANY
1988 Dr de Keyser NEUROLOGY Works on dopaminergic receptors Vrije Universiteit Brussel BELGIUM / LUXEMBURG
1990 Prs Sies & Wendel NEUROLOGY Works on IUI BELGIUM / LUXEMBURG
1994 Pr Erspamer NEUROLOGY Discovery of serotonin ITALY
1994 Drs Seeman, Niznik,Van Tol NEUROLOGY Role of dopaminergic receptors in schizophrenia etiology CANADA
1995 Prs. Pfeiffer,Schmig, Russ NEUROLOGY Discovery of new extraneuronal noradrenaline inhibitors CEO HPS GmBH GERMANY
1997 Drs.Gautier, Poirier, Quirion NEUROLOGY Research on Alzheimer's Director, Alzheimer Disease and Related Disorders Research Unit, McGill Center for Studies in Aging, Douglas Research Centre CANADA
1998 Drs Mantegazza & Bagetta NEUROLOGY Research works in neuropharmacology Italian Association of Medical Oncology (AIOM). ITALY
2000 Dr Smolders NEUROLOGY Role of glutamate antagonists in epilepsy Vrije Universiteit Brussel BELGIUM / LUXEMBURG
2001 Pr Genazziini NEUROLOGY Action of serotonin receptors ITALY
2004 Pr Dr Cremers NEUROLOGY Action of Serotonin Antigens Department of Human Genetics, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, Nijmegen Centre for Molecular Life Sciences THE NETHERLANDS
2006 Pr Jos Angel Berciano Blanco NEUROLOGY Works on hereditary and sporadic neuropathies Universidad de Córdoba: Cordoba, Andalucía SPAIN
2007 Pr Tiengo NEUROLOGY Works on Pain ITALY
2009 Dr D.F. Weaver NEUROLOGY Work on the treatment of epilepsy and Alzheimer's Director, Krembil Research Institute @KrembilRI CANADA
2002 Pr del Rio Zambrana NEUROLOGY Works on neurotransmitters action in neurodegenerative processes and psychiatric disorders farmaceutico y químico español. Director del Instituto Cajal del CSIC, Presidente de la Sociedad Española de Neurociencias SPAIN
2016 DNA-Technology and Federal State Budget Institution "Research Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology" Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation NEUROLOGY FEMOFLOR & IMMUNOQUANTEX "Research Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology" Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation RUSSIA
1990 Pr Jens HEMATOLOGY ONCOLOGY Study of cytostatics concentration Director Department of Gynaecology incl. Breast Center (CCM) and Department of Gynecology (CBF). GERMANY
1994 Pr Pierre Potier - CNRS HEMATOLOGY ONCOLOGY Work in therapeutic oncology Vinorelbine, Taxotere The Institut de Chimie des Substances Naturelles (ICSN) FRANCE
2002 Pr Moretta HEMATOLOGY ONCOLOGY Identification of antitumor lymphocytes ITALY
2010 Pr Sonveaux HEMATOLOGY ONCOLOGY Development of a specific vasodilator of tumor vessels treatment (universit de Louvain) BELGIUM / LUXEMBURG
2011 Pr Struyf HEMATOLOGY ONCOLOGY Role of chimokines and their use as markers (Institut Rega, universit royale de Louvain) BELGIUM / LUXEMBURG
2012 SOFIA FRANCIA HEMATOLOGY ONCOLOGY IFOM Foundation, IFRC Institute for Molecular Oncology ITALY
2012 Dr Worzfeld HEMATOLOGY ONCOLOGY Works on Metastatic Cancer (Institut Max-Planck, Bad-Nauheim) GERMANY
2013 Pr Geert Bultync (KULeuven) HEMATOLOGY ONCOLOGY Targets and tools on lymphoid tumors KU Leuven Cancer Institute. BELGIUM / LUXEMBURG
2014 Dr. Tom Wrdinger, Pr Ren Bernards HEMATOLOGY ONCOLOGY Identification of targets and markers in brain tumors Nederlands Kanker Instituut - Antoni van Leeuwenhoek (NKI-AVL) THE NETHERLANDS
2014 Dr Giannotta HEMATOLOGY ONCOLOGY Works on stem cell transplantation in dystrophic muscles. Istituto FIRC di Oncologia Molecolare (IFOM), Milano ITALY
2015 Pr Van der Veken HEMATOLOGY ONCOLOGY Works on bioavailable oral inhibitor of fibroblast activation protein (FAP) Universiteit Antwerpen BELGIUM / LUXEMBURG
2017 Prof. Dr.Florian Bassermann, Technical University HEMATOLOGY ONCOLOGY Immuno modulatory drugs disrupt the cereblon-CD147-MCT1 axis to exertantitumor activity and teratogenicity Bassermann, Technical University GERMANY
2019 Dr Cyril Corbet - UCLouvain HEMATOLOGY ONCOLOGY Study: Tumor cell metabolism: new therapeutic opportunities from microenvironmental acidosis Dr Cyril Corbet - UCLouvain BELGIUM / LUXEMBURG
2007 Pr Cools HEMATOLOGY ONCOLOGY Works on Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors BELGIUM / LUXEMBURG
1998 Cambridge Technology OPHTAMOLOGY Development of an antibody for wound healing Cambridge Technology UNITED KINGDOM
1989 Dr Wiedemann OPHTHALMOLOGY Works on the treatment of vitreous retinopathy GERMANY
2002 Drs Dolphin et Lvy OPHTHALMOLOGY Works on photodynamic therapy British Columbia Innovation Council. As the Vice-President Technology Development at Quadra Logic Technologies CANADA
2016 Prof. Grażyna Ginalska OSTEOLOGY Work on a new generation, bone-replacement implanting biomaterial for regenerative medicine ("artificial bone") Kierownikiem Katedry Biochemii i Biotechnologii Wydz. POLAND
2016 Service de nephrologie pediatrique et equipe d’hospitalisation à domicile, à Hôpital Robert-Debre (Paris) PATIENT CARE Accompagnement des parents dans l’apprentissage du traitement par dialyse peritoneale (DP) de leur enfant en insuffisance renale chronique terminale Service de nephrologie pediatrique et equipe d’hospitalisation à domicile, à Hôpital Robert-Debre (Paris) FRANCE
2018 20Ans 1Projet PATIENT SUPPORT 20Ans 1Projet FRANCE
1990 Pr Puisieux - CNRS PHARMACOLOGY Works on drug vectorization The French National Centre for Scientific Research FRANCE
1993 Dr Maenhaut PHARMACOLOGY Identification of adenosine receptors, serotonin and thyrotropin BELGIUM / LUXEMBURG
1999 Dr Commune PHARMACOLOGY New nucleotide receptors BELGIUM / LUXEMBURG
2001 Pr Schwartz PHARMACOLOGY Identification of new molecules FRANCE
2003 Pr Hermans PHARMACOLOGY Identification of new molecules BELGIUM / LUXEMBURG
2007 Pr Costenbrink PHARMACOLOGY Works on protein interferences THE NETHERLANDS
2007 Dr Martini PHARMACOLOGY Pharmacovigilance assessment work ITALY
2007 Pr Guillouzo PHARMACOLOGY Works on hepatocytes FRANCE
2007 Dr Hayden PHARMACOLOGY Works on genetics and pharmacogenetics CANADA
2009 Dr Schiffeler PHARMACOLOGY Works on nanoparticles and siRN THE NETHERLANDS
2009 Pr Couvreur PHARMACOLOGY Works on squalination FRANCE
2009 Pr Allegaert PHARMACOLOGY Neonatal pharmacology work BELGIUM / LUXEMBURG
2013 Pr Sobolev, Pr Rosenkranz, Pr Lunin PHARMACOLOGY Works on nanomodular transmitters RUSSIA
2015 Dr. A. Huitema PHARMACOLOGY Works on the personalization of dosages according to the populations in reaction to drugs pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. UMC Utrecht THE NETHERLANDS
2015 Pr Siemens PHARMACOLOGY Works on the study of capsaicin receptors TRPV1 GERMANY
2019 Sonja Schrepfer, MD, PhD, Transplant and Stem Cell Immunobiology Lab PHARMACOLOGY Hypoimmunogenic derivatives of induced pluripotent stem cells evade immune rejection in in fully immunocompetent allogeneic recipients Professor of Surgery, University Heart Center Hamburg GERMANY
1973 Dr Claude Hannoun Inst.PASTEUR PNEUMOLOGY VECTARION Department of Virology, Institut Pasteur FRANCE
1980 Dr Laubie PNEUMOLOGY Works on almitrine FRANCE
1990 Dr Meyer PNEUMOLOGY Study on vasoactive substances derived from endothelium University of Antwerp BELGIUM / LUXEMBURG
2001 Prs Morcillo et Cortijo PNEUMOLOGY Research on respiratory pathologies SPAIN
2002 Dr Blainpain PNEUMOLOGY Studies of leucocyte migration mechanism Universite Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) BELGIUM / LUXEMBURG
2011 Dr Ramon Laporte Rosello PUBLIC HEALTH Phamaco-epidemiology work SPAIN
2018 Charite University Medical Center, Berlin RESEARCH Peter Kühnen & Heike Biebermann for research on leptin receptor deficiency Charite University Medical Center, Berlin GERMANY
2018 Pixium Vision RESEARCH PRIMA Pixium Vision FRANCE
2018 Emmanuel Martinod RESEARCH Replacement of airways with an aortic matrix temporarily supported by a stent FRANCE
2019 UMC UTRECHT Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Beekman, Professor of Cellular Disease Models, Pediatric Pulmonology RESEARCH RESEARCH UMC UTRECHT THE NETHERLANDS
2016 Pr Philippe Menasche et du Pr Jerôme Larghero RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Therapie cellulaire de l’insuffisance cardiaque equipe du Pr Philippe Menasche et du Pr Jerôme Larghero FRANCE
1985 Dr Keppler RHUMATOLOGY Discovery of a leukotriene Heidelberg University and German Cancer Research GERMANY
2015 Dr Kollias, RHUMATOLOGY All work in rheumatology centre de recherche Alexander Flemming GREECE
2005 Service de Sante des Armes TOXICOLOGY Works on and management of organophosphate toxicants FRANCE
2015 Pr Marek Woynarowski TOXICOLOGY Treatment of caustic oesophageal stenosis by a removable stent (Institut Memorial Health The Children) POLAND
1985 Dr Tulkens UROLOGY Study of renal phospholipidase Louvain Drug Research Institute BELGIUM / LUXEMBURG
1994 Dr Sartani UROLOGY Action of hormonal receptors in prostate cancer Akkadeas Pharma ITALY
2010 Dr Masereeuw UROLOGY Role of ABC carriers in renal failure Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences THE NETHERLANDS
2011 Pr Khn UROLOGY Role of ciliary activity on mTOR inhibition GERMANY
1981 FAC.TOURS - Pr Maupas VACCINOTHERAPY Hepatitis B vaccine Pharmacy called Philippe Maupas FRANCE
2006 Dr Harold Jennings VACCINOTHERAPY Works for the development of synthetic conjugated meningococcal vaccine (Institut des sciences biologique du Conseil national de recherche scientifique) CANADA
1995 Pr Roques Molecules modeling CHU de Martinique FRANCE
2023 Pr Martin Landray VACCINOTHERAPY The Randomised Evaluation of COVID-19 Therapy [RECOVERY] clinical trial University of Oxford UK
2023 Abhishek D. Garg PHARMACOLOGY University of Leuven (KU Leuven) BELGIUM / LUXEMBURG
2023 Pr Jean Jacques Muyembe INFECTIOLOGY Co-discoverer of the Ebola Virus The National Institute of Biomedical Research AFRICA
2023 Pr Sabine Sarnacki HEPATOLOGY, GASTRO-ENTEROLOGY IMAG 2 : Rapid, automated 3D modeling of the peripheral nervous system and abdominopelvic organs from MRI images to aid surgical planning and prevent potential nerve damage. Hôpital Necker-Enfants Malades FRANCE
2023 Coordination hospitalière de prélèvements d’organes et de tissus du CHU de Bordeaux PATIENT CARE Bereavement support for families of organ and tissue donors Coordination hospitalière de prélèvements d’organes et de tissus du CHU de Bordeaux FRANCE
2023 APHP GHU NORD, Hôpital Fernand-Widal, Dpt de Psychiatrie et de Médecine Addictologique PATIENT CARE FLUID-CRACK-PSY : Streamlined psychiatric care pathway for screening, diagnosis, and support of crack users APHP GHU NORD, Hôpital Fernand-Widal, Dpt de Psychiatrie et de Médecine Addictologique FRANCE