Galien week of innovation


OCT. 23-27

Galien Medal
MEDTECH - Wednesday Oct. 25


11 AM - 12 PM ET I Cancer Devices and Diagnostics

How are MedTech innovations like precision robotic engineering, connected devices, 3D printing and AI changing clinical workflows, costs and patient outcomes in cancer?


Madeline Naylor
CR, CTM, Wellness Care, Skipta

David - LungVision - GWI spokesperson

David Webster
CEO, Body Vision Medical


Boston Scientific - SpaceOAR VUE™


David Brachman - GT

David Brachman
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, 
GT Medical Technologies, Inc.


Guardant Health, Inc. - Guardant360 CDx


Lantheus - PYLARIFY® injection and PYLARIFY AI™


Tonya Resutek-1

Tonya Resutek
Executive Director for Respiratory Marketing, Olympus America, Inc.

UNICANCER - Papillon system


12 PM - 1 PM ET I Cardiovascular Devices and Diagnostics

What do MedTech manufacturers require to ensure that patients continue to benefit from safer, less invasive innovations in CVD, still the number one cause of death worldwide?


Robert Consalvo Sr
Dr Strategic Com Engagement, H1


Boston Scientific - ELUVIA™ Drug-Eluting Vascular Stent System


Boston Scientific | Baylis Medial

CVRx® - Barostim™


Laksen Sirimanne_Edwards Life Sciences

Laksen Sirimanne
Senior Vice President, THV Research and Development, Edwards Lifesciences


Matt Thompson

Matt Thompson
CEO and President, ENDOLOGIX LLC


Flosonics Medical Inc. - FloPatch (catalog #FP120)


Dr. Rao

Ishu V. Rao, MD
Medical Director, Impulse Dynamics

QT Medical Inc. - PCA 500


Andrew Easton - Terumo Aortic

Andrew Easton
Senior Global Product Manager, Terumo Aortic


1 PM - 2 PM ET I Other Devices and Diagnostics

What are the next frontiers of patient care offered by MedTech devices and diagnostics in your therapeutic area?


Alcon, Inc.

Bausch + Lomb

LifeVac, LLC - LifeVac


Organon - The Jada®System


Jennifer Sipple - Outset

Jennifer Sipple
Vice President, Marketing, Outset Medical, Inc.

Polarean - XENOVIEW™ (xenon Xe 129



Roche - Elecsys® beta-Amyloid (1-42) CSF II (Abeta42) and Elecsys® Phospho-Tau (181P)

CSF (p-Tau181) assays


Steven - SoloDex Fascile - GWI spokesperson copy

Steven Eror
CEO, Solo-Dex, Inc.

Standard Bariatrics, Inc.