Galien week of innovation


OCT. 23 - 27

Galien Medal
DIGITAL HEALTH - Monday Oct. 23


11 AM - 12 PM ET I Disease Management

What factors have contributed to the slower than anticipated take-up of digital health offerings in the management of chronic disease? Is AI going to finally tip the scale and lead to universal adoption of “connected health” strategies focused on digital therapeutics?

MaryAnn Risk

MaryAnn Rizk, PhD
Adjunct Professor at Steven’s Institute of Technology; Managing Partner, Risk Management Advisors

Rebecca Wilkins - Abbott

Rebecca Wilkins
Divisional Vice President, Research & Development, Abbott

Eric - Mallya - GWI spokesperson

Eric Dessertenne
CEO, Biocorp

Dr. Dennis P. Wall

Dennis P. Wall, PhD
Founder & Chief officer of Science and Innovation, Cognoa

Shailja Dixit - Curio

Shailja Dixit
CEO, Curio Digital Therapeutics

alexander riftine - Intellwave

Alexander Riftine, PhD
President & CEO, Intellewave

Mette Dyhrberg - Mymee

Mette Dyhrberg
Founder & CEO, Mymee

Ryan Brewster _Noviguide

Ryan Brewster
NoviGuide Clinical Consultant

Rich - FokusRx - GWI spokesperson

Rich Brancaccio
CTO, Revibe Technologies

Matthieu Leclerc-Chalvet

Matthieu Leclerc-Chalvet
CEO, Therapixel, Inc.

Eran - XRHealth virtual Clinic - GWI spokesperson

Eran Orr
CEO, XRHealth Virtual Clinic

12 PM - 1 PM ET I Clinical Research, Trial Management and Wellness Care

Are health system payers and insurers prepared to reward software-driven patient self-care applications, particularly by recognizing prevention and wellness as an integral element of service -- and reimbursement -- provision?


Madeline Naylor
CR, CTM, Wellness Care, Skipta

Roy Cohen - Behavidence

Roy Cohen
CEO, Behavidence

John Martin

John Martin
Chief Medical Officer, Butterfly Network, Inc.

Marisa - Empatica Health Monitoring Platform - GWI spokesperson

Marisa Cruz
Chief Medical Officer, Empatica

Eric Snyder - Hyperion

Eric Snyder
Director, Informatics / Technology Innovation, University of Rochester


Michelle Longmire
Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer,

One Drop


Chrissa McFarlane

Chrissa McFarlane
Chief Executive Officer,
Patientory, Inc.

Darcy - The Science 37 Metasite - GWI spokesperson

Darcy Forman
Chief Delivery Officer, Science 37

Zahid Ali - AI based Primary Healthcare Operating System - GWI spokesperson

Zahid Ali Ashraf
Founder & CEO, Techmedology