Galien week of innovation

Galien Week of Innovation 2022

OCT. 24-28

Galien Medal
MEDTECH - Monday Oct. 24


11 AM - 12 PM ET

How far are we from achieving the health system world of the connected patient?

Craig Eagle

Craig Eagle, MD
Chief Medical Officer,
Guardant Health, Inc.

Lynn Ray

Lynn Ray
Vice President and General Manager, Global Respiratory,
Olympus America, Inc.

Adam de la Zerda

Adam de la Zerda
Founder and CEO,
Visby Medical, Inc.

Bela Denes

Bela Denes, MD
Vice President, Global Medical Affairs,

Aseem Anand

Aseem Anand, PhD
Vice President, Digital Imaging Biomarkers,

12 PM - 1 PM ET

How are systems design, electronics and engineering making invasive, high-risk surgical procedures a thing of the past for these two major killers?

Sylvie Lombardi

Sylvie Lombardi
Director of Research & Development,
Becton-Dickinson (BD)

J.P. Urbanski

J.P. Urbanski, PhD
Director, Strategic Marketing, Cardiology,
Boston Scientific | Baylis Medial

Laksen Sirimanne

Laksen Sirimanne
Sr. Vice President of R&D, Transcatheter Heart Valve Replacement, 
Edwards Lifesciences

Heidi Cole

Heidi Cole
Associate Vice President of R&D,
GT Medical Technologies, Inc.

1 PM - 2 PM ET

What is Med Tech innovation doing for patients with specialized needs for treatment?


Franck Leveiller
Chief Scientific Officer, Senior Vice President, Head Global Research & Development,
Alcon, Inc.

Robert Kissling

Robert Kissling
Vice President, Medical & Scientific Affairs,
Bausch + Lomb

John Hoekman

John Hoekman, PhD,
Chief Technology & Development Officer,
Impel Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Cynthia Silva

Cynthia Silva, MD
Medical Officer, Clinical Affairs,
Outset Medical, Inc.

Adam Dunki-Jacobs

Adam Dunki-Jacobs
Chief Technology Officer & Chief Operating Officer,
Standard Bariatrics, Inc.