Galien week of innovation

Galien Week of Innovation 2022

OCT. 24-28

Galien Medal
DIGITAL HEALTH - Monday Oct. 24


2 PM - 3 PM ET

In what ways can these new technologies contribute to the realization of better outcomes for patients at less cost to overburdened health systems?

Alexandra Moens

Alexandra Moens
Director, Product Marketing,

Simon Rasalingham

Simon Rasalingham
CEO and Chairman

Dr. Ashkan Vaziri

Ashkan Vaziri, MD, PhD
Founder and CEO,

Michael Abramoff

Michael D. Abramoff, MD, PhD
Founder and Executive Chairman,
Digital Diagnostics Inc.

Nikolaus Krall_Exscientia

Nikolaus Krall
VP, Precision Medicine,


Michelle Longmire
Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer,

Matthieu Leclerc-Chalvet

Matthieu Leclerc-Chalvet
CEO, Therapixel

Jayme Strauss

Jayme Strauss, RN, MSN, MBA, SCRN
Chief Clinical Officer,, Inc.

3 PM - 4 PM ET

Are researchers, physicians and regulators ready to embrace advanced, low-touch approaches to streamline the cumbersome infrastructure of clinical trials? And are insurers and health systems prepared to reward software-driven patient self-care technologies, particularly by recognizing prevention and wellness as an integral element of service provision?

Harpreet Sood

Harpreet Sood
VP, Primary Care & Clinical Partnerships, Huma

Sathya Elumalai_Aidar Health

Sathya Elumalai
President & CEO,
Aidar Health, Inc.


John Martin_Butterfly Network

John Martin, MD
Chief Medical Officer,
Butterfly Network, Inc.

François-Henri Boissel_Novadiscovery

François-Henri Boissel
Co-founder and CEO,

Chrissa McFarlane

Chrissa McFarlane
Chief Executive Officer,
Patientory, Inc.