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Being Part of the Innovation Agenda

The Galien Foundation interviewed Priya Chandran, Managing Director and Senior Partner at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) about BCG’s ongoing partnership with the Galien Foundation and her perspective on the value of the Prix Galien.

What motivates BCG’s sponsorship of the Galien process?

The Galien Forum and Prix Galien USA Ceremony are events where the best and the brightest show up. Our clients come here, and I know that their senior members feel personally engaged in the process.From a pure business perspective, it makes sense for us to support something that our most senior clients value and participate in.

Beyond that, we also strongly identify with the Galien Foundation mission—to drive, recognize, and honor innovation. I have worked in R&D all my life, and it’s such a hard job. R&D carries such a high failure rate, requiring such endurance and perseverance. The fact that the Galien process promotes and recognizes that is critical.

What role does BCG play in health innovation and the life sciences?

BCG is known as a place that is innovative, has big ideas, and drives positive disruption. We’ve come up with a lot of the big ideas in healthcare. For us, being part of an innovation agenda has always been a big deal for us.

Healthcare is one of BCG’s three largest practice areas and has always been a critical priority. We have extensive work in all aspects of healthcare, from pharmaceuticals, to med tech, to payers and providers, to global health. From a societal perspective, we think healthcare presents the most critical sets of problems and opportunities.

Internally, health issues mean a lot to our people. For example, many of my fellow partners attended the Galien events with me. Participating in person energizes us.

What is the value of the awards themselves – the Prix Galien?

I think that the recognition is extraordinarily important. It’s a recognition from peers for innovation that has a major impact, so I would guess that as a scientist it’s probably a pretty energizing feeling.

The Prix Galien are clearly established as awards that are worth getting – they stand out among the numerous prizes that exist these days. Everybody – the crème de la crème – shows up in person in honor of these awards. So clearly there is something about the the community that Prix Galien has created.

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IQVIA President of Research and Development Solutions


IQVIA has long been a proud supporter of Prix Galien, aligned with the Foundation in its mission to catalyze the development of the next generation of innovative treatments and technologies that will advance healthcare. It is an important mission. And, in 2020, it is a mission that requires us to join forces and rise up with more collective momentum than ever before.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the forefront the urgent need for global connectivity, for forums that spark innovation and emphasize novel solutions by bringing together the best of us to collaborate toward the greater good. That’s why IQVIA is pleased to serve as a Gold Sponsor of the Prix Galien Awards this year, honoring those that have made 2020’s most meaningful advances in human health.

The pandemic has had permanent and transformative effects across the life science industry, but with great change also comes great opportunity. Together, we can make these circumstances a vehicle for a better, more resilient healthcare ecosystem. At IQVIA, we are using this moment to reimagine how healthcare can work through seamless integration of unparalleled data, advanced analytics, sophisticated technology and deep domain expertise. We are applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve, accelerate and increase participation in clinical research so our customers can improve the quality of life for patients and communities across the globe.

In many ways, COVID-19 has driven us toward approaches we have long known are the future of clinical development. Approaches like simplified protocols that reduce patient burden and have a built-in option to incorporate virtual study approaches, novel trial designs that merge real-world modalities and early-phase engagement and planning, and digitization of study procedures and patient engagement to reduce burdens at the site and patient levels. In all our efforts, we are focused on helping improve the patient journey, finding new ways to bring the patient voice into clinical research and transforming decision-making with technology that is intuitive, intelligent and interoperable.

So many organizations across the industry are similarly meeting this moment, rising to the challenge of a new era for healthcare. Prix Galien celebrates these achievements, and I am proud that IQVIA is a partner to many of the innovators we recognize.

At the same time, I also know that none of us are in this industry for recognition. We are all driven by a relentless desire to apply science and research in ways that advance human health. The potential for our work to have a tangible impact on the lives of patients has never been more pronounced, and IQVIA is privileged to work alongside industry colleagues, including Prix Galien, that share our passion for improving the human experience.

Thank you to Prix Galien for continuing to shine a beacon on our industry’s most important efforts.
Let’s keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible and go change the world.