Galien Forum will be held in a hybrid format (live + digital) conducted from the Alexandria Center for Life Science and via remote video link.


10:30 am – Welcome & Keynote

11:00 am – PANEL 1:
Immunology from both sides: oncology and autoimmune disease

12:00 pm – PANEL 2:
COVID-19 Vaccine Development and the Enduring Impact on Life Sciences Innovation –  Speed, Collaboration, Clinical Trial Advancement and Manufacturing

1:00 pm – PANEL 3:
The Next 50 Years of Innovation: where will it come from and how do we secure it? (CEOs panel)

2:00 pm – PANEL 4:
The Future of Therapeutics: what novel modalities will be drugs? What vaccines and technologies will we need?

3:30 pm – Closing remarks

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*The Galien Forum and Prix Galien USA Ceremony will take place on October 29, 2020, though in order to ensure the safety of all participants our format may shift in keeping with COVID-19-related guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and New York City authorities. The Galien Foundation is considering and planning for multiple scenarios, including a smaller in-person event with digital access, a partially virtual event, and a completely virtual event. Updates will be posted and shared with our network via email as soon as they are confirmed.


Prix Galien USA Committee Chair;
Former Chief Executive Officer of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Prix Galien USA Committee Member;
Chief Medical Officer of Flagship Pioneering

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“…The right event, on the right issue at the right time

— Ban Ki-moon
Secretary-General, United Nations

The  Galien Forum, held every autumn at New York’s Alexandria Center for Life Sciences, offers a full day of spirited discussions with Nobel Laureates, top policymakers, and leading industry executives who offer perspectives on the most significant health challenges of our time while highlighting the latest research and clinical pathways toward diagnosis, treatment, and cure.

Time and again, Forum participants praise the caliber of the speakers and their fellow attendees, the quality of the panel discussions and presentations, and the recognition of industry’s critical role in creating life-saving innovations.

Interview:Oracle Health Sciences shares insights on sponsorship of the Prix Galien USA

A word about sponsorship

A multi-year dialogue as ambitious as the Galien Forum could not be successful without the support of forward-thinking organizations and companies. Our sponsors play a vital role in creating this historic opportunity—to bridge borders, traverse new policies, stem disease, and save lives—in the journey to transform human lives through innovation.

We are grateful for their financial support and partnership.

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