Galien Golden Jubilee Forum – USA2021

Oct. 28th, 2021
10:30AM – 11:30AM

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Joel S. Marcus, Co-Founder, Alexandria Summit; Executive Chairman & Founder, Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc./Alexandria Venture Investments
Lynne Zydowsky, President & Co-Founder, Alexandria Summit; Chief of Science, Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc./Alexandria Venture Investments

Honorable Patrick Kennedy, Former U.S. Representative (D-RI); Founder, The Kennedy Forum; Former Member, President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis; Co-Founder, One Mind; Co-Chair, Mental Health for US
Richard Pops, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Alkermes
Marti Taylor, President & Chief Executive Officer, OneFifteen


Combating the Opioid Crisis in America

The opioid epidemic has been one of the most pervasive public health challenges in our nation’s history, and it remains a crisis that shows no signs of abating. While we continue our gradual emergence from the COVID pandemic of 2020—made possible by the unprecedentedly rapid development of vaccines and the FDA’s authorization for emergency use—the opioid crisis persists, exacerbated by the social isolation measures that were mandated to control the spread of the virus.

The pandemic has impacted the progress of many who had been seeking treatment for their opioid-use disorders. In the wake of the relentless uncertainty and isolation of the last year, overdosesin the United States from opioids alone claimed more than 95,000 lives during the 12 months ended February 2021. This devasting statistic from the CDC reflects an estimated 30% increase in opioid deaths since March 2020 (when the number of confirmed COVID cases in the United States made its first exponential jump from double digits to over 100,000—surpassing the number of cases reported at the time by China or Italy). And although the number of suicides remains obscured within the number of overdose deaths, federal health agencies acknowledge the long-established comorbidity of substance-use and mental health disorders, estimating about half of those who experience a mental illness during their lives will also experience a substance use disorder and vice versa.

Our panelists today are committed to advancing effective, scalable solutions and to shaping policy to combat this highly complex public health crisis. Steadfast in their respective visions to solve the epidemic, and buoyed by support generated from unique partnerships, these renowned thought leaders in biopharma, healthcare, government, the private sector, and patient advocacy are in the forefront of the fight against the opioid epidemic. Their innovative and holistic solutions are essential to the comprehensive undertaking required for meaningful change, and their work represents important steps toward improving federal policy, developing groundbreaking medicines that simultaneously treat addiction and mental health disorders, and actualizing an evidence-based treatment model that provides a full continuum of care for people suffering from addiction.

Join us for a discussion of their respective insights, approaches, and progress in advancing treatments and patient care, which hold the potential to revolutionize the way addiction is understood and treated.