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What’s Holding Back the Technology Revolution in Clinical Trials?

Technology is revolutionizing clinical trials, and in the process transforming what is possible in terms of drug development, reducing data variance, increasing patient compliance, and decreasing site monitoring costs. Technology is also transforming the concept of what constitutes a drug, and the new tech-enabled therapeutic systems coming to the fore will themselves will by necessity change the way clinical trials are done.

Siteless trials, smart pills, wearable biosensors, and advanced technologies to analyze large amounts of data remotely and in real-time have transformed clinical research, which continues to evolve. According to Applied Clinical Trials editors, “The ability to amalgamate, organize and analyze real-world data sets with structured data sets …. can provide new, provable indications of hidden relationships that can precipitate better support, new hypotheses and provoke new, potentially life-saving questions that we didn’t think to ask before.”

In recognition, every big pharmaceutical company is doing trying to figure out trials of convenience and investing significant energy into data-driven protocols. The technology we need is there. And yet this work is not yet being done at scale. Why isn’t the world of clinical trials changing more? What is holding us back: Regulatory compliance? Cost? Paranoia? Sheer tenacity?

This panel will examine what is possible now, what technology represents a tipping point for the way clinical trials work – and could work – and what is stopping us from adopting revolutionary approaches at scale. Renowned speakers at the cutting edge of this work will examine how to deploy currently available technology to advance the trial process and existing pipeline faster. Speaker will also examine how technology is changing the very nature of drugs themselves and how the clinical trials process must transform to keep up.