The Galien Forum USA 2018



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How is Data Science Disrupting the Healthcare Landscape, Modernizing R&D, and Enhancing Access Models?

There is no question that more information – data – can yield better results. But how we synthesize, use, and act on that complex and often misinterpreted data holds the key to the future of R&D and healthcare. Data science is helping bridge the gap between clinical, regulatory, and pharmacovigilance approaches; between drug developers and healthcare providers; and between clinicians and patients. This means new ways to innovate with compounds in the pipeline, transformed stakeholder collaboration, and better health outcomes.

 This session will examine the transformational effect and future impact of data science through three core lenses: AI, machine learning, real-world data, and analytics. For example, advanced analytics are helping to speed up clinical trials by enabling rapid and more targeted patient recruitment, as well as on-site treatment. Machine learning and AI can help identify the right active molecules that work on specific targets (and not on unintended ones). Data science is also helping companies identify new potential use cases for existing drugs or late-stage drug candidates. Additionally, with integrated data across systems, life sciences companies can leverage real-world evidence to demonstrate the value of a particular drug or therapy and for health systems to improve care, follow-up, and patient monitoring.

 Industry leaders will address these changing approaches to R&D and access, offering commercial and R&D perspectives on existing use cases and the future ahead.