The Galien Forum USA 2019

Can disruptive innovation positively impact healthcare costs?

Over the last several decades, we have seen significant breakthroughs in science and technology produce revolutionary new approaches to some of the world’s most devastating and costly diseases. However, fully realizing the promise of these groundbreaking advances to manage and cure disease, save lives, and thus significantly reduce the economic burden of disease on patients and society will require disruptive innovation across the entire healthcare ecosystem — from prevention, discovery and development of novel therapeutics, personalized care, and data-driven healthcare, to new models for high-risk, high-cost patients, better integrated healthcare delivery models, outcomes-based pricing and payment models, and healthcare policy.

A coordinated and sustained effort across a diverse group of stakeholders — including academic and medical institutions, biopharma, government, healthcare payers and providers, patient advocacy and philanthropy, technology, and venture and private equity capital — is necessary to nurture a culture of innovation that yields positive long-term health outcomes for patients and controls healthcare costs.

This panel will discuss the critical opportunities and complex challenges we face in our effort to leverage innovation to positively impact patient outcomes and healthcare costs.