“ I appreciate the work of researchers awarded the Prix Galien that create the foundation and reputation of the Therapeutic Research ”

-Annette SCHAVAN, Minister of Research, Germany – 2011

Contact: Sabine SPRINGER


Latest Winners - 2017

Basic Research

Prof. Dr. Florian Bassermann, Technical University Munich for
“Immunomodulatory drugs disrupt the cereblon-CD147- MCT1 axis to
exert antitumor activity and teratogenicity”

Primary Care

Entresto® (Sacubitril / Valsartan), Novartis

Specialist Care

Cinqaero® (Reslizumab), TEVA

Orphan Drugs

Venclyxto® (Venetoclax), AbbVie

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From national and world leaders to shining lights within the pharmaceutical industries, many have offered praise for the Prix Galien.